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Where are we located?

Our home. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Yes Albuquerque is a pretty and beautiful city in game and in real life but our staff team is running hard and strong out of this city.

Yet a small population doesn't mean much! The head running is here but we have DJ's that run from all over the world. We keep on planning on extending the quality and locations of servers.

Development Team

Would not exist without well, Developers!

The OTR Radio Team everyday works EXTREMELY hard on bringing a better experience to our listeners

We do this from small things under your nose like bugs. To dropping huge updates to our website. The Developer team keeps growing and never wants to slow down on new ideas we have on the radio station.

Advertise your VTC!

Want to Advertise your VTC? Contact us! Email us at westernutilities@aol.com for information on how to advertise your Virtual Trucking Company!

You can

- Get it Advertised on our Website.
- Get a custom Jingle on Air!

email us to look at the opportunities!